Friday, April 17, 2009

Wiring mess update

Well, I am finally finished with the wiring mess, and it was easily what most people would call hell. I never did get the blinkers working but I figured it doesn't have a top and if there is a cop close I can just use hand signals (yea I know stop laughing). I do however think the the switch is broken and I don't think it is worth spending $300 on a new steering column. I may look funny but it is much cheaper. I also got the interior wiring looking good, or at least got it to where you can't see it. I also installed a radio, finished the winch, and cleaned up the wiring under the hood. I am not completely finished with all of all of this, but it is a work in progress.

Here is a picture of the stereo and please notice there is no longer a huge bundle of colorful wires hinging down from under the dash.

Here is a pic of the new bling that I got. It isn't really applicable to this post but I still want to add it.

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