Friday, April 3, 2009

The Answer to The BIG QUESTION

Well, I have decided the route that I am going to take with the CJunk5. I am going to do the spring-over-axle conversion. I know it is probably not the best idea, but I really want the added performance and ride quality. Also, I recently found a Dana 44 our of a Scout II that I am going to use to replace the stock model 20 axle. The problem with this axle is that it is 5" wider than the front axle, which I intend to keep dispite it's weak reputation. This would make the rear tires stick out 2.5" further from the body than the front, which might look kind of goofy, so I decided to fix this by putting a wider backspaced wheel on the front axle than on the rear axle. This should make it less noticable, and the wheels won't look funny because I intend to cover them with a beadlock ring. I am going through all of this so that I can not only get the performance and ride quality but also because I really want to run a 35" tire; probably a BFG KM2 but I am not sure yet. I am going to post pictures of the new axle when I get it. Oh, and it only cost my $75 (what a deal).

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