Friday, April 3, 2009

Wiring project updated

Well I have started on the wiring project, and it is far crazier than I thought it could ever be. In a recent issue of JP magazine (my favorite) they had an article called Randy's corner they mentioned how to clean up the bulkhead connecting plug that is under the hood. So, after reading this article I started doing it and it was disgusting. There was 50 year old grease and dirt in there that needed to be cleaned out. After opening it up I was amazed that anything still worked at all. I did a little bit of wire chasing after that but still haven't been able to get the blinkers to work on the front. I am starting to think that the switch on the steering column is bad, but I did come up with some good news. I found the plug that was originally for the rear brake lights (Aaaaawesooome), but I just still can't get the back blinkers to work either. I did however find some really cool additions that I will reveal later though, and I found them on the cheap (cheap makes me happy heehee).

I did take a picture of the underhood wiring mess for you and here it is. I can't tell what is what.

Here is a picture of the interior wiring harness. It looks like a bowl of colorful spaghetti.


  1. that will keep u busy ..i miss trying to get the boat started on the lake haha what happened with it?

  2. I understand I miss that too. I actually sold the boat and it funded buying the tires for the Blazer, which I traded to get the Jeep.