Friday, March 27, 2009

Harness install

I am still trying to catch up by blogging what I have already done to the CJunk5. Here are some pics of the 4 point harness' that I installed to keep myself and one other passenger from becoming a projectile in the event of a roll over or crash.

Here is a side view for the of the modification that I made to the roll bar. This is to safely hold the 4 point harness without causing back problems if you do get into a wreck or roll over.

Here you can see really well how I attached the back of the harness to the new portion of the roll bar. Remember all of this was fabricated by me. It all came as a straight pipe or a flat piece of metal, and I made it into this.

Here is a picture of a weld that I made. I am a really awsome welder if you haven't figured that out yet, but to explain I at one time was a profesional code welder. So, don't feel bad if you can't make it look like this, because I had plenty of practice and went to school to learn how to make them look like this.

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