Friday, March 27, 2009

Making the CJunk5 fat-boy friendly

Well as anyone with any knowledge about Jeeps knows the CJ-5 is the smallest Jeep ever made. It has an extremely short wheel-base leaving a small amount of interior room to work with. They are so short infact that anyone over 200lbs has a problem getting behind the wheel. Being a current fat-boy I had to do something about this, because I would cram my fat ass in the driver seat and the stearing wheel would rub on the old gut while I was driving. I noticed that this was not safe because if I got the hiccup's who knows where the Jeep is going to go. So here was my solution. I actually cut the inner fenders out on the back and placed a support there so I could move the seats back 5.5 inches. Then I welded sheetmetal back in to close it back up. Here are some pictures of the project:

Here is a picture of the left fender. Notice the box that is protruding into the wheel well area. This is the adjustment I made, and it gave me a ton more room to work with.

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  1. I'm so glad you didn't get the hiccups during your test drives.